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Auberge Edge of Seattle; Specialty French Cooking School

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France, a country of many wonders and many diversities also has traditional regional cuisine that is specific to each and every province and region.
In France, every road leads to a splendid food.  More than that, France is a store house of fine ingredients and infinite richness that embraces ancient Regional traditions (zealously retained in spite of new administrative boundaries), the landscape, the flavors of its cuisine and the methods of preparation particular to each small area.  Each Region has maintained the originality of its culinary traditions.  French cuisine is today thought of as a major art form, the cuisine owes this status to the enormous riches of its countryside and to its people who have a history of protecting guarding their traditional fine cuisines.

We use the best of fresh ingredients, sans preservatives, additives, or chemicals and you won't see anything frozen, or canned used in our cooking classes.  Nor will you find any "GMO" products used here like Canola Oil, Corn products or Soy products.

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Gift Certificate; can be made for any products or services we offer.
(425) 844-4102  One Regional Cooking Class=  $165.00

Indulge yourself or someone extra-special with the gift of an unforgettable experience. Our hands-on regional classes are perfect for every aspiring chef. Our Chefs offer guidance and inspiration to fine-tune your techniques, but you will actually prepare the dishes yourself. It's the ultimate way to learn and truly absorb every step of the recipe.  Regional Cooking Classes are held once a month on the 2nd Saturday of the month.


All of our classes are held within L'Auberge at The Edge of Seattle Inn. We were the CitySearch editorial winner for Best Romantic Hotel for 2006 in Seattle. We were also voted Best B&B Inn 2006 & 2007 and Best Weekend Getaway Hotel for 2006 in the Seattle metro area. You may be wondering what happened since 2007? CitySearch has not had a Bed and Breakfast Inn competition since 2007 for the "best of Seattle" class. 

In 2013 we were awarded one of the 10 best B&B Culinary Schools in the world by Bed and

Our class sessions are open to the public by appointment only and can also be booked by groups looking for morale/team building opportunities.

Our method of teaching is "Hands-On".  We do not believe in the demonstration method, so plan on doing the cooking and sharing your experience with others in your class.  The movement flow is open, you may walk around and see at anytime what others are doing and join them in what they are doing too.  We strongly feel that unless you do it, you won't feel comfortable repeating the task at home.  There are no hidden tricks...our goal is for you to take the recipes home with you and reproduce the menu at home.

Regional Cooking Class
Woodinville, WA.
Sept. 13th.
Basque Region of France
Seafood, Seafood and Pheasant

Basque Regional Cooking Class for $165.00; Sept. 9th.,

3:00-9:00= 6 hrs.
1st. course, served at 5:00
Coquilles St Jacque saisies au beurre d'orange, fait maison, servit avec un puree de petits pois froid au parmesan et zest de citron.
Coquilles St Jacque seared in a
orange butter sauce served with
puree of fresh peas with
parmesan and zest of lemon
Suggestion is to bring two
bottles of wine per person
Second Course:  Served at 7:45
Salade de Calamari grilles
Basquaise sur BBQ
Grilled Calamari on the BBQ,
served over a bed of a trio of
bell peppers tomatoes, onion
and garlic served with a spicy
tomato sauce
Dress code:  No jeans, no shorts, no burmudas
no sweats and no flip-flops
Faisan-roti, sauce Romesco, accompagnes
d'un riz au saffron et aubergines minatures

Pheasant in Romanesco sauce with saffron rice pilaf and miniature eggplants
served with a side dish of a duo of white and green asparagus in season with a
white butter sauce
Plan on having a leisurely fun time with us...and
dinner on the patio
Gateau Basque

Traditional cake baked with a filling of cherries and custard

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